About Counselling

Life does not always go smoothly and there are times when we may find ourselves struggling to make sense of what is happening, or where we find ourselves at a particular time.  At such times we may not feel able to confide in those closest to us and it can be helpful to talk in confidence to a counsellor.

Counselling offers a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space in which to explore your feelings and difficulties.  Counselling does not offer advice but seeks to help you gain insight into emotional difficulties and problematic patters of behaviour, so that you can move forward in a productive and satisfying way.  It is about helping you find your own answers to your own unique problems.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your life at the moment and thinking counselling or psychotherapy might be helpful for you, please look through my website.  If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me and I will do my best to answer them without any obligation to proceed further.

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling, the relationship between you and the counsellor is key to a successful outcome.  Embarking on counselling can be daunting but you will find an environment which is supportive and non-threatening.  You should feel secure enough to talk about any difficult feelings.  The speed at which we work will depend on you and there will be an opportunity to reflect and consider choices.  The process is not necessarily an easy one but the motivation to engage with the process is an important step